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I’m Jay, a software engineer living and working in East London. I’m currently helping to build digital products & services at Red Badger. Red Badger logo A Red Badger laptop sticker

I’ve been building stuff on the web since 2013, where I found myself with a liberal arts degree and an aversion to pulling shots for a living — so I taught myself JavaScript instead. I started my career as a digital-designer and web guy at a branding agency Jay's Overture London company photo in Shoreditch, then graduated to becoming a front-end developer at Browser, Jay working at Browser London where I still occasionally write. A header of a Browser London blog post

Despite it originally being my escape hatch, I absolutely love what I do. I’m passionate about everything from typography and design systems through to static typing and functional programming. When I’m not drowning in YAML, I enjoy complaining about build tools and exploring new languages, frameworks and design patterns.

Whilst I wouldn’t consider myself a contrarian so much as a part-time troll, I genuinely believe that the C in CSS is a good thing, that PHP really did ‘get good’, and that micro-services are more of a cargo-cult than an architectural choice. I also unironically loved Batman vs. Superman.

Now you know everything.